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ICC- The Lich King The_Lich_King__s_might__by_Flamewalker

17,400,000 (10 player normal)
61,300,000 (25 player normal)
29,500,000 (10 player heroic)
103,200,000 (25 player heroic)


The fight requires the standard raid composition of 2/3 Tanks and 3/6 healers (10/25 player), while learning the encounter more healers can help. No resistance or other special gear is required.
edit Tactics

Phase 1

During Phase 1, the Lich King should be tanked by the main tank at a spot near the edge of the platform. On the phase transition this gives Arthas a greater distance to travel before casting Remorseless Winter, thus the raid gets more time to react and a shorter distance to run. Melee sets up behind him, ranged 5-10 feet away, even closer to the edge of the platform. 5 feet to the side of Arthas, the off tank(s) set up to tank the adds. The raid DPS single target Arthas, AoE should not be used.

Harmless ghouls and very dangerous Shambling Horrors spawn during the phase. Horrors have a frontal cleave and an extremely dangerous enrage. To survive the enrage, they must either be tranquilized or stunned. The adds should be killed by Necrotic Plague.

Every 15 seconds Arthas applies the Necrotic Plague debuff to a player. This debuff is the key mechanic in Phase 1. The plague is a DoT which deals 50k to its target every 5 seconds. Whenever its target dies, or it is dispelled, it jumps to any nearby unit - which includes the adds. The trick is to have debuffed players run next to the adds and dispel them there, so the plague jumps to an add. The plague also stacks, this means the longer the phase lasts, the faster the adds die. This can be used to kill the Shambling Horrors, because in heroic mode, even the highest dps raids cannot spare the time to switch to the Horrors. Drudge Ghouls should be used to get Necrotic Plague stacks higher, before placing it on the Shambling Horror. Each time the plague debuff jumps, Arthas gains one more stack of Plague Siphon, each of which increases his damage dealt by 2%. At about 40 stacks tanks get one-shotted, thus the plague must not jump too frequently.

The Lich King also periodically casts Infest, which requires the target's HP to be topped off quickly to remove the dot. A Discipline priest can proactively shield the raid between Infest casts, helping to minimize the amount the raid needs to be healed.

This phase ends when Arthas is at 70% health. He should have about 15 stacks of Plague Siphon. When the last add dies, a player (usually the tank) get the Plague stack (usually about 20). This player must move about 5 feet away from everyone else and then get dispelled, this removes the plague (and Plague Siphon from Arthas) without jumping.

Phase 1.5

At 70% health a 1 minute transition phase takes place. The Lich King moves to the center of the arena, away from the tank, and begins casting Remorseless Winter (a 45 yard AoE). When he moves away from the tank, the raid must flee on the edge of the platform to get out of the 45 yard range. He goes on casting Pain and Suffering, and summons a Raging Spirit every 20 seconds. Immediately after the third Spirit, Arthas casts Quake, which destroys the outer ring of the platform - the raid has 2.5 seconds to move away from the edge.

Targets of Raging Spirits have 5 seconds before the add spawns. Raging Spirits melee very hard and possess a frontal cone-area silence ability. Spirits must be killed quickly, so that only one is up in phase two. Frost orbs head towards the raid and explode if they reach it. They have few HP and can be killed by ranged DPS. Pain and Suffering is a stacking DOT that is applied to random raid members. It spreads to nearby players so the raid should spread out some.

When the Lich King kneels and lights up the ground around him, the raid must return to the center area of the platform before the edges of the platform break away (The area that is about to fall becomes very obvious). Continue to kill any remaining Raging Spirits, but the main tank should pick up the Lich King again as quickly as possible.

Phase 2

Tank the Lich King to the centre of the room, this gives the Val'kyr a longer flight path.

He begins to summon Val'kyr Shadowguards (450,000 health on 10 Man Normal). These Shadowguards can grab a single raid member, lifting them into the air dragging them over the edge of the platform followed by dropping them to their deaths. The Val'kyr, therefore, should be killed as fast as possible. Val'kyrs can be snared and stunned but not rooted. Defile and Val'kyrs will often line up and you will need to deal with both at the same time.

The area in which the Val'kyr drops the player happens to be right over where the outer ring that dropped used to be. If a Val'kyr is summoned while the Lich King is close to the transition phase, it might be more valuable to push him to the next phase instead of killing the Val'kyr. When the Lich King resurfaces the outer ring, the player being carried will be dropped safely on the edge, outside of Remorseless Winter.

The Lich King will periodically cast Defile, which produces a pool of darkness over an area of the arena. Defile is incredibly dangerous because it grows in both size and damage every time it ticks on a player, quickly covering the entire room and killing the raid.

Soul Reaper is a monstrously damaging debuff applied on the Lich King's current tank every 30 seconds. It can be helpful to taunt off your current tank with another tank when Soul Reaper is applied, otherwise there is the possibility of the Lich King melee-ing at the same time the Soul Reaper dot ticks which will instantly kill your tank.

Phase 2.5 – Remorseless Winter

When the Lich King falls below 40%, he will cast Remorseless Winter again, forcing the raid to the edge of the platform. This should be fought exactly like the first Remorseless Winter. Four Raging Spirits this time spawning every 15 seconds. When this attack ends, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3

The Lich King begins expelling numerous Vile Spirits (10-man normal: 66,000 health; 25-man normal: 200,000) from Frostmourne, which move toward the raid and explode. The most obvious way to deal with them is to kill them before they begin moving—fire mages, shadow priests, affliction warlocks and moonkins are very effective at this. The Spirits move very quick at the start but slow down over time, thus snares such as Earthbind Totem also function on them. An effective strategy is to drag the Lich King to the edge of the room and then drag him all the way to the opposite side after he spawns Vile Spirits, and kite them through Earthbind Totems and frost traps. Vile Spirits gain a small amount of threat on a random player when they begin moving but they can be both taunted and outthreated. The tank who is not tanking can taunt the Spirits onto him and absorb their damage.

You will assuredly have 1-2 Raging Spirits up as phase 3 begins so you will need to have melee DPS kill these as the ranged deal with the Vile Spirits.

During phase 3, the Lich King continues to periodically cast Defile and Soul Reaper but no longer cast Infest nor summon Val'kyr Shadowguards. Instead, he now casts a new spell called Harvest Soul every 70 seconds on a random raid member, which causes 45,000 (25-man 90,000) damage over six seconds. Victims who survive are sucked into Frostmourne and must fight their way out. You will likely need to use a damage reduction cooldown such as pain suppression on the target on 25-player difficulty.

You have 15 minutes from the beginning of phase one to push him into phase four or he will enrage. His enrage gives him an enormous buff to his damage output, but he does not one-shot the raid when he enrages like some other major bosses; therefore it is still possible to push him into phase four (and thus defeat him) after he enrages.[1]
Inside Frostmourne

Healers can heal King Terenas' spirit while he kills the Spirit Warden within Frostmourne, while DPS classes must kill the Spirit Warden before it kills King Terenas. When the Spirit Warden dies you will escape Frostmourne. The Spirit Warden will channel an interruptable magic dispellable debuff called Soul Rip on King Terenas that does increasing damage every second for 8 seconds, to the point where Terenas will die at the end of the cast. The Spirit Warden also heals for 50% of damage it does meaning stunning it is very helpful.

The Spirit Warden is vulnerable to most forms of CC and interrupts that affect Undead creatures.

You will gain a debuff in Frostmourne called Harvest Soul that increases your damage by 100% and kills you after 60 seconds if you do not escape Frostmourne. Should you die inside Frostmourne or to harvest soul the Lich King will gain 200% damage for 15 seconds.
Phase 4

At 10% health, the Lich King casts Fury of Frostmourne. This kills all members of the raid and renders them unable to release their spirits (clicking the button displays the message "Your soul belongs to the Lich King"). The Lich King and Tirion will have an exchange during which Tirion destroys Frostmourne using the Ashbringer. The ghost of Terenas Menethil II will appear and resurrect the raid while the spirits that were trapped inside Frostmourne hold the Lich King in place. All raid members who have died during the fight, even from being dropped off the edge by the val'kyr, will be resurrected by Terenas at this point. The Lich King becomes immobilized, and players must use this opportunity to finish off the Lich King.

Upon reaching this phase, the fight is essentially over; the Lich King will be immobilized as long as the fight is not reset. Should your raid decide not to accept Terenas Menethil's resurrection, Tirion Fordring will melee the Lich King to death; bringing down the remaining 10% in this fashion takes approximately one hour. You will still receive the achievement and loot if he dies in this fashion.
Heroic Difficulty

Shadow Traps in phase one spawn on people's locations, and after a few seconds, launch anyone still on them 1,000 yards off the platform (in an extremely comical manner).

Val'kyr HP triples, however they drop their target at 50% health and fly above the raid and begin casting Siphon Life on the raid until they are killed.

In the third phase the entire raid will be pulled into Frostmourne instead of one person. Wicked Spirits will fall from above which must be dodged/killed. Any deaths will still result in Harvested Soul being applied to the Lich King and it can stack.

Phase four is unchanged.

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