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Bericht  Matriarch op di jun 01, 2010 1:29 am

Voor diegen die eens de mountrun wil proberen.
Het is in het Engels.
Misschien dat iemand dit wil vertalen?

Mount run on Tiger Boss: High Priest Thekal

The "tiger boss"... now here's a complicated fight if you ever saw one. Okay, once Thekal's entire room is cleared of the trash mobs and such, you'll face him and get ready for the pull. It is absolutely neccessary that your raid have three tanks (one main, two off) for this fight. You will also need at least two rogues and a mage helps immensely. You'll notice that to Thekal's left is another troll named Zath and to the right is another named Lor'khan. I'll tell you right now: Zath is a rogue and Lor'khan is a shaman.

Now the trick to this fight is knowing when to stop damaging one target and to start on another, then making sure all three of them die within ten seconds of each other. If this does not happen, your raid will wipe. If you have ever been to Molten Core and up to the first and second boss, you know how Corehound Packs work... this is the same. If one of them dies too soon or too late, they will self-res and res the others as well at full health and you're screwed. So just take note now that they have to die within ten seconds of each other for phase 2 to start.

The pull is just like any other, just wing it. However, a warrior must grab Thekal, one must grab Zath, and another must get Lor'khan and separate them all about five or ten feet. The two little tigers that come with the pull can easily be taken care of. Have your mage sheep one, kill the other, kill the sheeped and get ready to DPS down Zath only. Now someone in your raid is going to need a health-percent mod because it's neccessary to know when to slow down and when to stop DPS on Zath: 15%. Once Zath only has 15% health, no one at all should attack him. The warrior who was tanking him needs to stop autoattacking and just Revenge when it comes up to hold aggro sufficiently. Now and then, Zath will Gouge the warrior and run off into the raid to attack people. This is what you have a rogue on Zath for: to Kidney Shot. Zath is immune to Gouge and Blind so your rogue will have to get a few combo points on him in order to do this Kidney Shot when the warrior gets Gouge'd, but that's okay, it's very little damage or 1-2 combo points.

After Zath is down to 15%, the entire raid except that offtank and rogue (and the tank on Lor'khan) needs to attack Thekal. You will DPS him down now, slowly but surely to exactly 10% before stopping. He has to extra abilities like Zath's Gouge or anything, so you should be okay. Just make sure that you stop damaging him at 10% and your raid moves on to Lor'khan. The tank who was on Thekal is going to need a large amount of aggro still on him, so make him continue to auto-attack and at least Sunder Armor now and then.

Now the raid moves to Lor'khan, the shaman. Now like shaman, Lor'khan heals. This is why he's last to be DPS'd and not Thekal, as to make handling his heals easier. This is why you have another rogue and mage: to Kick and Counterspell. If one of Lor'khan's heals get off, your fight just got a whole hell of a lot harder. It looks just like Mar'li and Jeklik's heals: bright yellow hands and long cast time, so don't let it happen. Anyway... your whole raid is going to now DPS Lor'khan down to 5%, while stopping his self heals at the same time (he won't heal Thekal or Zath). Once Lor'khan is at 5%, your tanks on the three of them need to bring them all very close together, right next to each other and everyone who can AoE has to. Remember, it is important that they all die within ten seconds of each other, so make sure it happens so that phase 2 can begin.

Once phase 2 starts, Thekal will resurrect after yelling "Shi'bala, fill me with your rage!" and will be in tiger form. NO ONE in the raid except the main tank should attack him at this point. Your tank needs to grab him and place his own back against a wall. Thekal has a very large AoE knockback ability in this form and your tank can pretty much.

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Bericht  Frigo op di jun 01, 2010 4:25 pm

Bedankt! Dit is enorm informatief Very Happy

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